About Us  

First, who we are. We are a group of professionals living in different cities all over Michigan interested in the history of the men and women who served the Great Lakes shipping industry. Like with most areas, most of our sailors have had their final bells and/or are enjoying their lives in the Great Lakes states and wintering in Florida or Arizona.

We are a preservationist group committed to keeping this great part of maritime history alive and well.

Second, what we are. We are the first maritime museum that honors the people who served the shipping industry. We honor them by inducting each one into the "Great Lakes Lore Maritime Museum" on a very special day. Every third weekend in August the "Lore" hosts "The Lake Lore Celebration" a Friday and Saturday full of maritime stories, speakers, and entertainers, climaxed with the induction of the men and women who served, along with the information about them that we have processed. For example, each Inductee is honored with a collage that features their picture, their history, and the ships they sailed on. All this information is then put on mat board and placed in a 16X24 silver frame. Also in the frame is their name, rank and any other pertinent history, the collage is then placed on the walls of our facility for many years to come. Do you get the idea now? We want all who get this information to know how meaningful this luncheon is. By the way, it is called, what else? "The Gathering".

  Our hurt at the "Lore" is that many of our retirees that we got to know no longer come to visit. They grace a better place. I would imagine that there are a lot of stories being told there. If you care about the maritime preservation, if you care about something that can capture any imagination, join the "Lore" family. Click on the Membership link to join. Visit us, become a friend and help us to continue our work.  
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