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Success comes from people. Caring people who want to see The Great Lakes Lore Maritime Museum become a success, not only for the museum itself, but because of who this is all about:

The men and women who served this great part of American Maritime History.

We are preservationists trying to give something back to an industry that perhaps has peaked twenty years ago or so, but the interest in Great Lakes Maritime is in full swing, and The Lore feels good about its contribution to its success.

You can be a part of that success with your Family Membership of just $30.00. For your membership you will receive our praised Quarterly Publication, stories of men, woman and ships, personal experiences from sailors, some sad stories, some happy stories.

You will also receive a 10% discount at our Gift Shop. By the way, our Gift Shop is said to be one of the best on Great Lakes. Plus, free admission at the door, and most importantly you will receive our sincerest thank you and friendship because that's the kind of people we are.

Hope to see you aboard!


Great Lakes Lore Maritime Museum

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"Preserving the History and Heritage of Michigan's Great Lakes Shipping Insdustry"

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