About Us

The Great Lakes Lore Maritime Museum is a maritime museum that specializes in memories not just artifacts. It is located in Rogers City, in Michigan’s lower peninsula. In the heart of the inland seas known as the Great Lakes, you’ll find a place where the rich history of that great waterway comes to life.

The generations of men and women who risked life itself to sail and make their livings on these waters are enshrined and remembered here as are their uniforms, personal possessions, navigational and other maritime tools, all waiting to paint vivid memories of life on the Great Lakes for you and your family.

Native American traders and 21st century captains, all present and accounted for! From small “day” sailors manned by pre colonial French and British traders to modern-day super carriers bearing the flags of most maritime powers, Great Lakes commercial craft, their captains and crew members are depicted and commemorated. We also honor Coast Guard Lighthouse Keepers and Life Saving Station Employees. Chart your course for the Great Lakes Maritime Museum. and step into four centuries of fascinating Great Lakes history and tradition.  


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