The Great Lakes Lore Maritime Museum is a 501(c)(3) that welcomes donations for its daily operations. It’s the mission of the museum to honor the people who served in the Great Lakes shipping industry. Keep their history and their stories alive with your donation of money or shipping-related items.

How your donation helps the museum

Individuals who donate to the Great Lakes Lore Maritime Museum help us maintain operations, reach the community with events and programming, and expand our collections. Your support helps us preserve and tell this piece of American History.

To Make A Donation…

Donations are accepted by credit card over the phone at 989-734-0706 (during regular business hours), or you can mail a check to:

Great Lakes Lore Maritime Museum
367 N. Third Street
Rogers City, MI 49779

If You Have Items to Donate

Please contact the museum at 989-734-0706. We are always excited to take on new items related to the shipping industry.