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November Requiem
Carl D. Bradley DVD

A documentary following the Carl D. Bradley from its beginning to its sinking, November Requiem won a CINE Golden Eagle Award in 2009


“On the Sea, Under the Sea” by Steve Witucki

Painting of the Carl D. Bradley ship in rough waters.


“Always Remembered” by Steve Witucki

A painting of the Carl D. Bradley (23″ x 19″) during the fatal storm.


“History of the Morrell” by Paul Essmaker

A painting capturing the history of the Daniel J. Morrell ship.


Carl D. Bradley

This cotton blend t-shirt comes in a variety of sizes!


“Breaking Up”
by Steve Wituki

A 12″ x 10″ painting of the Carl D. Bradley’s final moments.


Frameable Picture of the Carl D. Bradley

A 8 1/2″ x 11″ copy of the Carl D. Bradley.


Frameable Pic of the Carl D. Bradley Bell

A 8 1/2″ x 11″ of the bell, retrieved in 2007.


Carl D. Bradley
Etched Plate

1927-1958 50th Anniversary Plate


Carl D. Bradley
Etched Mug

1927 – 1958 50th Anniversary Commemorative Mug


“Arthur M. Anderson” by Steve Witucki

18″ x 24″ painting of the Anderson in a storm.


“November’s Fury” by Steve Witucki

12″ x 18″ painting of the Fitzgerald, Morrell and Bradley, all lost in storms.