Our Sign Gets A Makeover

The Great Lakes Lore Maritime Museum is ready to greet our 2023 guests with a newly refurbished sign.

Artist and museum volunteer Tiná Marchand-Dankert was in charge of the much-needed makeover, removing weathered, peeling decals and replacing them with hand-painted lettering and art. With an eye for color and an artist’s touch, she’s given the museum a sign that’s crisp and fresh.


“We want our sign to represent the quality exhibits and experiences our museum offers,” said Mike Horn, Museum Director. “Tiná’s amazing work has preserved a little bit of our history.”

The Rogers City Public Works was on hand to help hang the sign back in its original position on May 5, just a few days after the museum opened for the season.

The Great Lakes Lore Maritime Museum specializes in memories and artifacts. Its hours are 11-4 Monday through Saturday, and 12-3 on Sunday.

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